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for rope collars and ropes :

Machine wash:

The washing of our collars and leashes does not influence the safety aspect in any way!

We recommend washing your E&P product at 30°C in a laundry bag. We recommend not to wash collars in which leather, imitation leather or decorative ribbon is incorporated. Likewise no guarantee can be taken over for Beads, pendants, decorations and beads.

We recommend not to dry our products in a tumble dryer. Hang your E&P product on the clothesline for air drying.


Brass fittings:

The processed brass fittings are made of one brass casting. Like other metals, brass can turn slightly green when exposed to salt water and very salty air for long periods of time. I therefore recommend stainless steel fittings for all those who are often and often at the seaside - especially for dogs with white and light fur.

Rose gold fittings:

Rose gold fittings can peel off with prolonged use.

Biothane products (Wau-Grip):

Our Biothane collars and leashes are very easy to clean with a damp cloth, sponge or brush. Of course, they can also be machine washed at 30 degrees in a laundry bag. Here too we do not recommend drying in a tumble dryer.

The instructions for metal fittings apply as above !

Wau-Sleep / Wau-Home :

The covers of our Wau-Sleeps, our bedspreads and the pillowcases are all machine washable at 30 degrees. The inlay of the Wau-Sleeps is completely washable (including filling) at 60 degrees in the machine. Please do not dry these products in a tumble dryer !


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