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 These sizes are for rope collars as well as for biothane collars:. 

Size Rope Width Biothane Neck girth 
XS 6mm 13mm 20-25cm
S 8mm 13mm 25-33cm
M 10mm 19mm 32-42cm
L 10mm 25mm 40-49cm
XL 10mm 25mm 48-59cm
XXL 10mm 25mm 58-70cm



Size Rope Carabine size Weight recommendation
XS 6 mm very small carabine Up to 5 kg
S 8 mm mid size carabine Up to  15 kg
M 10 mm Scissor carabine Up to25 kg
L 10 mm large carabine Over 25 kg 

dog beds:

Size Measurements Weight recommendation
S 80x60cm Up to 10kg
M 100x80cm Up to 25kg
L 120x100cm Up to 40kg
XL 140x120cm Over 40kg