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Emmy & Pepe

"Different", "new", "unconventional" - these are the terms our customers think of when they see our products.

We want to design the "Waueffekt" and give our four- and two-legged customers a radiance in their face !

Our dog collars and dog leashes stand for quality, exceptional design and innovation.

Likewise our incredibly special dog beds !

 Behind "Emmy & Pepe - A doggy effect" ...

... I stand, Victoria Tuscher. I am a nurse and in 2017 I fulfilled my dream of having my own small manufactory for collars and leashes.
Since I have been a dog mother, I have developed a small but fine collar addiction and noticed that many products from the trade are expensive but not robust enough.
With my dogs I work in the pull dog sport and there collars must endure some.

Dog collars with high demands

So I took things into my own hands and developed collars that meet my high standards.
All of my knowledge and all of my heart's blood flows into all of my individual pieces.

It is the mixture of artistic handwork and technical know-how that particularly appeals to me.
I am happy that I can also help other dog owners with my manufacture to get high-quality accessories for their pets,
 because I know, how very good products facilitate the daily life with the four-legged friends.

In order for everyone to finally hold the product of their dreams in their hands, I attach great importance to a lively exchange with my customers.
Nothing makes me more grateful than to see
 satisfied customers and happy dogs with my collars in the end. That's where heart palpitations come from.

My inspiration

Besides me there are three other main characters, Emmy and Pepe and my boyfriend Stephan.
Without my two dogs, the manufactory wouldn't exist.
They are not only the namesakes, they are the ones who bring me new inspiration every day and strengthen me in my path.
I couldn't be more grateful for all the love and joy they bring to my life and now to my factory.

It all started with Emmy, a two and a half year old Pointer-Mix bitch: through her I got into dog sport, especially draught dog sport and collar addiction.
It was love at first sight. She inspired me from the beginning with her energy and positive charisma.
She is not only physically strong, but also smart, self-confident and determined - a strong character and simply the best dog in the world.

With Pepe a breath of fresh air came into our little family. The European sleddog is very playful and has all sorts of flausen in the head.
With his clumsy nature he always makes us laugh, even when he's hatching nonsense and inciting Emmy to become an accomplice.
Meanwhile Pepe has grown into a handsome dog, but in his head he has remained a small lapdog.
He loves our company and is simply a real cuddly bear!

Stephan is the bureaucratic backbone of our small manufactory and organizes the back office.

So we complement each other creatively and organizationally and all four together are now the E&P GmbH

Cooperation with a workshop for disabled people

Sustainability and the cooperation with a workshop for handicapped people are very important aspects of our company philosophy and also express the wish for value of the two founders.

Our manufactory exists since 2017, grows steadily and is already listed with numerous dealers.
We process sail rope, cordage, paracord, biothane, high-quality closures and beautiful pearls.
No matter if silver, gold or pink gold, with us dog collars and dog leashes are not only useful but real pieces of jewellery!

Durable and high quality

And if there should be something to do - no problem - our products are all washable*.
And our collars and dog leashes are
 also perfect for
 holidays by the sea, because all our metal parts are suitable for salt water*.

Our dog beds are orthopaedic due to their unique two-chamber system and recommended by physiotherapists. We use unusual materials and can by the 4 offered sizes each dog - all the same whether large or small. - an absolutely fantastic sleeping and cuddling experience !

Chic, elegant and functional, these are our dog accessories!
And hopefully you will soon also be the proud owner of a collar or leash from

Emmy & Pepe - "A Dog's Bump Effect"

We look forward to welcoming you as our customer as soon as possible !

Order your individual collar and the matching leash today and become an eye-catcher at every aisle walk!
We are happy to make you your dream outfit for your dog, so that your darling appears top-styled on the dog meadow.


Please use a flexible measuring tape, so you get the exact measurement. Please give us the circumference of your dog's neck or head (in the case of drawstring collars) measured closely, without any extra (i.e. without finger or air between measuring tape and dog) in cm.

Please always measure your dog's neck circumference, not another collar! The dimensions of circumference and length differ and there are deviations.


For dogs with a lot of dewlap (e.g. pug or Labrador) please put the dewlap a little aside. You can also measure the inner circumference of a closed and well fitting collar.

For dogs with a lot of coat (e.g. Australian Shepherd): Let the coat lie well when measuring. You can also measure the inner circumference of a closed and well fitting collar.

For dogs whose head is as wide or thinner than their neck (e.g. greyhounds):

With a collar with adjustable clasp or carabiner it can happen that your dog slips out of the collar, here we recommend a product from our Wau-Stop collection.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time using the contact form.


Adjustable collar made of rope or biothane (Wau-Shine, Wau-Straight or Wau-Grip)

Please measure the size of your dog's neck (blue). The best way to measure is with a standing dog, where the collar should sit. We do not add a buffer from our side, please consider this when selecting the configurator "Lock Scissor Carabiner" or if your dog is at a size limit.

Train stop collar (Wau stop)

Please measure the head circumference (green and yellow) AND the neck circumference (blue) of your dog. This collar is pulled on and off over the head and is not suitable for dogs which do not like to be touched by the head.


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