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How is a dog collar or leash made at EMMY & PEPE?

There are collars for dogs, which you can put on thoughtlessly and they are just there...and there are dog collars - leashes and beds from EMMY & PEPE ! We are committed to designing the Wau effect and bringing a smile to the faces of all our two- and four-legged customers. Therefore each product of EMMY & PEPE is manufactured exclusively in affectionate manual work, with high-quality materials and with enormous love to the detail.

Each dog product has its own history and even the names we give to our products are part of that history.

It starts with us looking for a great baptismal color and we look where we can get it, then we make several prototypes...with different beads, wraps and different adapter and fitting colors.

The selection continues...all collars are shown to several people from different fields and opinions are collected, then the collar with the best "reviews" is selected and gets its place in the EMMY & PEPE collection.

This is now followed by production, all 100% handcrafted and in cooperation with our workshop for disabled people, our Wau effect is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We want every customer not only to buy an ordinary dog collar, a 08/15 dog leash or simply "a dog bed" from us, but all these products will beautify your life together with your darling and give your home a touch of extravagance!

True to our motto: EMMY & PEPE - a Wau effect
 all around!